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Think about your organization.  What are you attempting to accomplish?  Is everyone involved trying to accomplish the same thing? Is everyone who is involved bought in?  Let's assume that they are.  Then let me ask you one more question.  When there is an issue or a problem that comes up, are there any individuals in your organization that see something happening, take notice but
instead of saying "I need to do something", they say "someone needs to do something".  If you have any members who say that, they are not bought in. Not because they are bad people or not because what you are attempting to do is not important, it is because they have not developed their own personal reason to care about what you care about.  We do and are involved with what we care about.  

Think about it.  If you really enjoy golf or cooking or playing an instrument, you talk about it, learn about it, care about it and spend your time involved in it.  Imagine if you not only got the time of your employees and co-workers but captured their heart. Think about why you are leading.  It is because you care.
 Leadership is getting others to care just as much as you do.  

Since 100% of your organization probably doesn't say "I need to do something" then you are experiencing significant and repeating unplanned events that are costing you time, resources and profitability.  If that is true, then you and your organization don't constantly and consistently meet your commitments and keep your promises and so at times you disappoint those that are counting on you.  Those are the times you are not reliable.  If you have not thought about minimizing the impact of unplanned events, you are 

Wasting up to 10% of your revenue and 15% of your resources on unplanned events and those losses are not only detracting from your profits they are adding nothing positive to your organization.  They are negatively impacting your brand.

You have the talent and the resources to change all this, you just have to change the way you work and think. 

How can we help?

LeadeReliability is a journey that you or you and your organization will begin, in order to change the way you live, think, respond and do work.  It is a methodology for you to create either a personal or organizational culture that enables you to do more with the resources you have and also spend more time working on the things that matter to you.  

Here is how we can get started:

Introductory phone call.  Send an email to with your name, company, location and phone number and when you would like us to call.  Please describe briefly what your concerns or interests are and we will contact you at your convenience 

What we offer after the phone call

We have a wide range of possibilities on how we can start the journey.  We offer:
All engagements start with a:
Introductory meeting   This can be done virtually or in person based on your wishes.  During this meeting we would discuss your present culture (you describe) based on a series of questions you will  be asked.  Learn more about LeadeReliability based on your needs discussed in the introductory phone call.  This will allow you to decide if a deeper look into LeadeReliability can help you. We will answer any questions you may have about what you can expect and how we could move forward.

Decision Point - We can then mutually decide if there is a reason to go forward with your desired engagement in order that we may serve your needs.
Options for Interaction: 

Half Day General Overview Session
During this session you are introduced to the concepts of LeadeReliability.  We discuss each phase of culture development, the importance of individual leadership.  Concepts in Leadership.  How to proactively practice behaviors that will minimize the impact of unplanned events.   Learning and teaching discussions.  How do get started. 

Full Day Detailed Session
During this session you are introduced to the concepts of LeadeReliabiity in detail.  We discuss each phase of culture development and spend substantial time talking about leadership and leadership behaviors.  Share what Individual Leadership looks like.  Why you have to capture each heart in your organizations.  Pitfalls that may prevent your success.  Detailed discussion and examples of behaviors that will minimize the impact of unplanned events. Case Studies and how to get started. 

3 Day Workshop
Day one is the Full Day Detailed Session.  Day two is a survey of your existing culture and areas where you could have immediate impact.  Day three is laying out how to get started and how to have impact starting the next day.  Establishing metrics and using your data to move forward.  

Detailed Consultancy
This involves on sight presence for as long as it makes sense to begin with a cultural assessment of your present culture.  A strategy for transforming the culture and then a path forward for things to change and work on.  Metric development and proactive indicator development. Continuous involvement until client independence is established.

Stop Putting Out Fires.
Start Igniting Revenue

Make Lost profits, Lost resources, Lost margins Lost customers, Lost productivity a thing of the past 
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is getting
others to care just as much as you do!

Unless you are working on minimizing the impact of unplanned events you are 
WASTING UP TO 10% of YOUR REVENUE on an annual basis
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